New Agalloch Album

Been listening to this almost non-stop for a few days now, and I have to say I really like it.  It kinda strikes me as a mellow, less black metal Marrow of the Spirit, with the kind of flow that Ashes against the grain had.  A bit of Pale folklore stuck out to me on Dark Matter Gods and The Astral Dialogue.  Hard to say if I like it more or less than any of the others, its really just a solid album that is different enough to keep everything interesting but is definitely still Agalloch.  Anyone else have any thoughts on this album?

I did see that there was a Serpent and The Sphere thread already, but it seemed to be less of a "your thoughts" thread and more of a "oh this is a thing" thread.

I really liked older stuff like Ashes and split with Nest. Will definitely check out the new album, where did you get it though?

Their bandcamp page.  Look right here

The split with nest is nice, I'm partial to Folklore and Marrow, though.