New Abigail Williams

Seriously guys if you don't have it, get it.

It's like... Epic Black Metal.


i cant wait for the new satyricon, severed savior and deeds of flesh albums.

blood shot eyes, metal skin

serpents tounge, dagger claws

lol oddly i was just listening to that

I didnt like KING :/

Song annoys me for some reason.

Severed Saviors new shit is gonna rape on multiple levels

i like it all. king just didnt really remind me of satyricon

thanks for the heads up twitch... I'll be getting it for sure...

lately I've been listening to Kampfar's new cd a lot...


As for Epic black metal... my favorite CD of 2008 so far is Oathean: Regarding All The Sadness of The World


I've also been re-listening to Mörk Gryning this week... you've probably heard them... if not.. get them... great new black metal.

lol is it a bad thing ive been listening to alot of mainstream groove metal?

i cant help it.. lol..





there's nothing wrong with far beyond driven! used to rock out to that when I was a wee lad.

i like lamb too but lately have been finding that there are so many similar acts that sound better that they aren't worth listening to as much.

ok.. listened to the abigail williams CD... it's not bad... I still put it behind these 2008 melodic/ epic/ flok black metal CD's:

Moonlyght: Shining

Thyrfing: Hels Vite

Mörker: Höstmakter

Oathean: Regarding All The Sadness Of The World

Siebenbürgen: Revelation VI

Stormlord: Mare Nostrum

Draugnim: Northwind's Ire

If you like abigail you should love most of these.

Mörker: Höstmakter

Norwegian aight?


Darker : Power of fall (Fall, as in summer, winter etc)

aha i just pictured logan rockin out to a dime solo.

but anyway ill go check those bands out logan. see if i can get the black metalz back into meh

Yeah those are some great CDs Logan, especially Oathean :P

The reason I love Abigail though is the same reasons most metalheads actually hate him, he incorporates breakdowns from time to time, even though most metalheads end up hating them.... God I'm a sucker for a nice breakdown thrown into some epic stuff

if its executed right, who isnt?

general conception is talentless bands use breakdowns to either sound "br000t@l" or because they have nothing else to play so they throw in 5 or 6 in a four minute song.

this really isnt the case if the band is talented.

the name of the post literally annoys the shit out of me

Most standout track on the album =

Worth a listen.

i dont like black metal it is to hard core for me i cant handle it

[§TÄ╚KéR]xBloodDrunkx[RTW]: "i dont like black metal it is to hard core for me i cant handle it "

Ni Bear_^: llwhosaidthat?

[§TÄ╚KéR]xBloodDrunkx[RTW]: armmego

Ni Bear_^: FAGGOT

Ni Bear_^: Tell him get his kiten fucking ass out of that topic then

^ Indeed.

^indeed u guys listen to plain rock or metal only