New 7950 vs my Old 570 GTX


Thank you all for your help in deceiding on part for my new PC. Without going into a PCpartpicker list, here are the basics my current build:

AMD 8350 FX - 16GB 1866 Ram - 256 ADATA SSD - 750 watt Corsair PSU - Win 7 Home Premium

With this set up I am currently using a 570 GTX. Good card indeed, but with my fully modded Skyrim (several HD Texture mods, and the official texture packs) im getting heavy FPS drops often. (though unmodded Skyrim runs smooth and awesome). I think this is due to the lack of VRAM on the 570 gtx, only 1280 MB. Testing it out, I can see that my max VRAM memory usage is hitting that 1280 MB cap.

My question is: would a AMD 7950 with 3 GB of VRAM help to greatly alleviate this performance loss? Would my modded Skyrim experiance be much better overall with this card?

Thanks in advance!


Plus, the Bandwith on the 7950 is 384 bits vs my current 570 GTX at 320 bits... I'm guessing this will help as well, since it seems that I have a VRAM Bottleneck?


Yes it will definitely help. What size monitor were you playing on?

23" 1920x1080

A 570 should definitely be able to handle that game at that res. Either way I would still get that newer GPU