New 450 dollar build

I am going to build a 450 dollar gaming build, I am going to use prices from microcenter since I like the getting stuff myself. Also I am choosing a an ide because I don't care about load times.


MSI tACTICAL TC-128 ATX Mid Tower Case 34.99, 4.99 after rebate

Cosair Vengeance 4GB ddr3-1600 39.99

Cosair Builder CX500 PSU 54.99, 44.99 after rebate

MSI 760GM-P34 AM3+ mATX AMD mobo 54.99, 49.99 after rebate

AMD Phenom ll x4 965 black edition 3.4GHz 79.99

MSI R7770-PMD1D5 AMD Radeon HD 7770 GHz editon 1GB GDDR5 119.99, 99.99 after rebate

WD Blue 250Gb 7,200 RPM IDE 40.09

Total tax included 450.53

I don't care about load times.

Lovely, did you care to check whether this MB supports IDE?

It doesnt crap oh well I have a family member who has a job at microcenter in 2  so I can get a 15 percent discount so I can get a a better mobo and HDD

if you have a family member that works at microcenter just get an fx 6300 for 120 bucks and either a free motherboard (after rebate) or upgrade to one you like plus just buy 8gb of crucial ballistix sport for 50 bucks plus your 15 % off