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New 3rd Gen Threadripper TRX40 motherboard talk & VRM list

Why would you want a monoblock? Those perform worse than CPU blocks, and the VRMs don’t need active cooling on GB’s high end boards. You’re much better off with a proper CPU block, like a Watercool HeatKiller TR4-Pro (which works on X399 and the new gen, since the CPU mounts didn’t change).

I can tell you from personal experience, monoblocks suck, even supposedly ‘good’ ones. You’ll lose 5C (or more) in performance. Especially EK monoblocks, those are junk. They look pretty, but suck from a performance perspective.

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I’m not so sure your correct about losing performance but I’ll say your right that it’s not needed. I’m just a water cooling enthusiast and being able to stabilize everything to my water temperatures and cool ever component has always been a dream of mine for the Lolz… money is no issue

If I could separate vrm and CPU cooling I would haha. My dream is a near zero airflow case and all of the heat is transported via water out of the desk case to a big set of radiators lol

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The performance loss is real, that’s not anecdotal. I’ve seen it. But it could also be because EK makes very over-rated products. My AM4 HeatKiller CPU block outperforms an EK monoblock, on an X470 rig, by almost 5-8 degrees celsius, with everything else being equal. But Watercool and EK are not on the same level, Watercool products are designed better, so that might explain a good chunk of the performance difference. Trust me, I don’t like it anymore than you do, since I really love the look of monoblocks. But the performance is not there. Not to mention that if you pick your board properly, VRM cooling is a non-issue, unless you get into extremes (LN2, etc). Just my $0.02CDN. But I understand wanting everything underwater, just because. :smiley:

Please show it for us skeptics over the performance loss. I’m researching it and I can’t find a set of really good data on it.

Definitely my primary reasoning lol

I couldn’t find any either, I just noticed the huge drop when I went from a HeatKiller block to an EK monoblock on my 2700x rig (now a 3700x). But like I said, there may have been more than one factor at play. I sure won’t be tearing down the loop on my backup PC to prove it though. :smiley: I’m sticking with the sucky monoblock just for looks, LOL!

Yeah the Gigabyte TRX40 Aorus Master is indeed a very nice board.
The entry level TRX40 boards like the Aorus pro isn’t bad either doe.
But yeah the rear io is a bit basic in that regards.
I mean for this platform i would like to have at least a 10G nic.
I believe that the Asrock Creator has that doe in terms of entry level boards.
Only downside it being just an 8 phase board.
But it has an active cooled vrm heatsink.
So i suppose that it will perform fine enough for current sku´s.

The only thing i´m really curious about is Gigabyte bios this time around.
I´m still considering a Gigabyte board for my new setup. :slight_smile:

Many people complain about Asus bioses allot lately.
So yeah i might actually get away from Asus for my next setup.
I also heared good things about Msi and Asrock bios.
Although the Asrock bios could still use some polish.

You’re picking up some English slang You’ve been spending too much time around us Americans… :grin:

I honestly think that we should move towards more USB C but that’s not happening yet. I love the robustness of the connector and it’s reversibility.

I mean true eight phases is enough to handle the kind of power that threadripper would do stock plus 5-10%

Yes but I would prefer it to be an intel nic and not a aquatia nic. It’s hard to find Intel stuff on an AMD board.

I’m going to guess much like x370 x570 it’s probably very solid. they have gotten things nailed and yes they’re still not the prettiest but they know what to do in terms of useful features.

it’s strange quality control issues and I think it’s because they’re on top of the market they felt like they could lazy out in this regard. however I think it’s wrong because now ASRock and all the other manufacturers are going to try to start taking them over in terms of EFI quality

For the time beeing, 8 USB ports should be minimum on enthusiast boards (>250€/$).
To get USB C adopted more widely, each computer/notebook would need to have two of those ports, and USB-drives would need to have Type-C more often.

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The Msi TRX40 Pro 10G might actually be an interesting package.
Because that seems to be one of the cheaper boards,
that comes with a 10G nic pci-e addin card.

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How’s it’s power delivery :troll:

Lol it’s prolly a good board

Not too bad, just mediocre.
6 phases doubled to 12 with 90A ISL99390 powerstages same as Asrock Creator and Taichi is using.

But how are they doubled? There’s a bad way and a decent way.

Idk I still can’t trust MSI after the shenanigans a while back but maybe they are getting better. My default go to is ASRock or gigabyte now. I haven’t received DOA from them yet

Well isl6617 doublers, some of the best in the business. :slight_smile:

I suppose but given the power threadripper needs id be more comfortable with the ASRock trx40 Creator over those two but it doesn’t have all the fancy features I suppose.

Well actually according to Asrock’s website.
The Creator comes with a 10G Aquantia nic and a 2.5G Realtek.
Not too bad but i kinda prefer intel 1G nic over the realtek instead.
But yeah that is likely just me.

Aquantia is a good company to get 10GBE from. I met their former chief technical officer the other day at an IEEE event. Very chill very cool dude. Actually totally off topic but he is currently investigating the feasibility of higher speed underwater acoustic communication channels. The research was fascinating.

In any case the company makes good products I’d do Aquantia any for 10 GBE. I wish they would make standalone NICs. Actually I should look that up

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The Msi TRX40-pro 10G comes with dual intel i211AT’s nic’s,
and an additional 10G Nic pci-e addin card.

Me likey. :slight_smile:

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Yeah i’m actually kinda curious about how good those Aquantia nic’s perform.
Not sure if something like that would be an interesting item for a video.
Testing different network solutions of those said boards.

@wendell (not sure if he sees the @)

I think that would be a great video idea if you have the capability. Side by side compare them doing different tasks etc. How much system shared memory can they steal. Lol

Is the CPU temp sensitive? (For ryzen that’s a big YES!)
If you add a heat source, VRM, to the loop, by monoblock, and keep the rest the same ->
You are going to get higher water temps.

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