New 27 inch Monitor

Hey everyone;

I know i had topic about this a long time ago, but its burried somewhere.

Anyway, as the title says, im looking for new monitor. i had some money for christmas, and i finaly decide to buy a monitor.

Now the difficult part  is that viewing angles are very important for me, since ive got one bad eye. i want a good screen, so i´m looking for a IPS and 27 inch for allround gaming etc...

unfortunatly i cannot afford a highress 1440p screen, so im looking for a good 27inch 1920 x 1080p screen. i know those korean highres are cheap, but im from the Netherlands, so thats no option for me!

My budget is arround €300.

i was basicly looking at 2 screens.

  1. LG IPS277L-BN
  2. LG IPS27EA73 LM-P

Now i also found a PHILIPS Brilliance Gioco 278G4DHSD monitor, this is an 27 inch ips 3D monitor with ambi-light, 7MS response time... does anyone has any experiance with 3D monitors?

If some one has better recommendations, they are also welcome.


I would go with the LG as I know they make a solid monitor I am not really sure about Philips though I have never seen any of their monitors or TV's in person.

I think you should save up a little more and get a 1440p monitor! Best option for you, if you want 27" and an IPS panel.

i found a clip from the philips ambi glow. it looks cool but  i dont know if its good for gaming or not.. its a 3d monitor using an AH-ips panel, and 7 ms response time.

I actually really like the glow behind the monitor I have never seen that before.

You can buy the lighting separately, if you want that for any given monitor

yeah i know that but this monitor  cost only €298 euro. thats why it had my interessts

Well, I was having a look, and I like this LG that you have chosen:

It is cheaper and I like the fact that it doesn't have a bezel around the screen. Looks quite neat. And that might look good with some back lighting.

thanks yest that LG ips is realy decent  there is a bazel by the way,

tomorrow i go to a media shop where they hopefully have both screens. the philips has also an LG AH-ips panel inside, the only thing that the philips has is that ambi back light 3D  usb 3.0 and some gaming setting feutures, and an overdrive feuture.

Well i went to the shop today and unfortunatly i ran into bad luck they did not had the philips gioco nor did they had an LG ips277L-BN. so that was realy bad luck. But what i did, i just ordered the Philips Gioco, because this monitor has a better LG-AH-ips panel inside. then the LG-277L-bn they had the 23 inch version LG IPS23EA73, but the colors where dissapointing,

Tommorow the monitor will be deliverd. im very excited how Trine 2 will gonne look like on this ambi glow screen. ☺