Never Settle Bundle come with 7970 on Amazon?

When I was looking for the best price for my GPU I found out it came with the never settle bundle with newegg. A quick search to their official never settle page I discovered satisfy as it comes with amazon purchase. So I jumped over to the amazon page but I doesn't say anything about the bundle. 

If it doesn't say anything about it then they probably don't offer it. It's $150 in games if they had it they had it i'm sure they would tell you, but i could be wrong i suppose id still buy off newegg or something that for surely offers them.

I found the amazon page for the deal:

So it looks like you just buy one of them, then in about a week amazon emails you the amd code, which you should use here:

so amd emails you the actual steam game codes. An page linked me to the page, so it should be legitimate.


Good luck :)