Never played an RPG before

Hi guys,

Need some help. i have never played an RPG before and after seeing YouTube vids and friends telling me how much of a lightweight one is in the community who hasn't played an RPG before.

Can you guys recommend an RPG that easy on beginners, not too hard as i want my transition to be enjoyable. what's a good RPG with excellent visuals and not overly difficult for a beginner?

 I'm kinda liking the look of Dragon age inquisition


thank you 


torchlight 2? depends on what kinda rpg, you mean like OMMRPG? (online massive multiplayer role playing game)

no not OMMRPG. stuff like skyrim etc. i have never heard of torchlight 2.

whoops, it's actually MOMRPG lol

skyrim is a good start if you like FPS style rpgs

ok cool. so for beginner its ok. i only say that because i have the assumption that RPG's are hard to play.

Eve Online . . . just kidding!  I'd suggest starting with something like the Witcher series.  They'll get you the idea of how most modern RPGs work and you'll be ready for the 3rd installment when it launches later this year.  Bonus points as well since you can pick game 1 and 2 up from

Also RPGs arent necessarily "hard to play", but they usually present you with more choices and the ability to customize and build your characters backstory/skills.  I guess you could say that they are usually more in-depth than a standard action-based arcade game.

mmorpg :-/

It is old, and it is potentially annoying to install but I love Sacred 2. It is just my favourite fantasy RPG.

EDIT: It is also very easy to get into to play. Gets a tiny bit more advances when you level up but only slightly. Should be cheap these days an will run on 5-7 you old PCs fine so any half way modern pc will be good for ultra everything.

I would not say they are hard to play but can be overwhelming in the content and lore departments. Skyrim is great and can be easy to jump into. It's also easy to go down the rabbit hole real quick with mods and stuff.
If you want to try some great RPG's that are more old school, I'd check out Neverwinter Nights 1 and 2 - which can both be found on Good Old Games for cheap.

Also Knights of the Old Republic 1 and 2 (the 2 single player games) are both fantastic RPG's.

The Witcher series is great but seemed a little more difficult to get into for me.

If you like first person like Skyrim, try out Deus Ex, and Deus Ex:Human Revolution. 2 of my favorite games.

And of course IMO the best RPG of all time - Chrono Trigger for Super NES

lol, my dyslexia is in full effect today.

excellent. thank you for your replies. i think im gonna have a bash at Witcher and skyrim. although Dragon age inquisition looks good too, its what started my curiosity with this genre.

got any other fps rpgs? like that?


Lichdom, theif, alien isolation


ill check them out

Modern ones: Knights of the old republic 1 and 2. Mass effect 1 (2 and 3 are not really rpgs imo) and the Witcher series (1 and 2), Elder Scrolls (the best would be Morrowind and Skyrim), Dragon Age Origins and Inquisition.

Old School Classics: Baldurs Gate 1&2, Planecape Torment, Fallout 1&2 (fallout -> turn-based combat the rest real-time combat)


New but made in old School Style: Shadowrun Returns and Shadowrun Dragonfall, Divinity Original Sin (a masterpiece imo) and Wasteland 2. All Have turn-based combat


Beginner Friendly:  Shadowrun Returns, Skyrim, Knights of the old republic, Mass Effect 1 and The first Witcher (relatively).


Also I would play Dragon Age Origins before Inquisition. Its not required but it would enhance Inquisition i think if you already know the world (skip the second one.Not very good).

Mind you RPGs tend to last A LONG time. In this list games go from about 20 hours to 80 and 100 hours of gameplay.     


You can find most in very cheap. The rest on Steam.

Diablo 2, i know its hard on beginners but its so much fun, and if you play as summoner necromancer its super easy.


i would go with Dragon Age 2 (i know i know) then go for either Dragon Age origins/Dragon Age Inquisition

other series to get into maybe final fantasy to get your feet wet or go for the Witcher 

well im leaning towards witcher 2 and DA Origins/Inquisition. Whichever is cheapest right now i will buy.