Never listened to metal before, suggest songs to listen to

Right so basically I just want to broaden my music horizons. I just want some good songs to listen to that I can put in a playlist and so on.

Cheers for the suggestions.


Here we go.

@Kat @Soulfallen @strykerzr350 get in here!


Thanks I'll give them a listen and see what I like

Let me know which ones tickle your fancy, it'll make it easier to provide recommendations.

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Its going to depend heavily on your definition of "Metal" so here are a few

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Anything by Hammerfall.

I think full albums might be a bit overwhelming would probably help to do individual songs...

@Ethereal and I don't listen to much American stuff so someone else will have to fill you in on that stuff.
I've chosen some of the best songs from my favorite bands for you to sample.

This is a fairly good representation of the European Melodic Death Metal scene back in the 90's

Closely Related Progressive Death Metal from the Same era

Random newer stuff.

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Those are all Swedish except Kalmah, which is Finnish. lmao

Damn it, you edited it.

which is why i said European. shhhh we all know all the melodeath happened in sweden anyways.

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Sweden just shits out amazing metal.

Oh and OP check this thread out

okay i shall check out the songs and threads and yeah. hopefully i can get a grasp on what i like and don't

I would suggest looking up what concerts are coming up in your area and maybe checking those bands out on youtube to test the waters and if you like what you hear possibly going to check them out.

thrash bands like metallica, megadeth, and slayer are a lot of folks' metal gateway bands. With that in mind, I usually suggest similar bands to folks that are looking to get their feet wet and explore metal in general. Once you develop your tastes a bit, you can hone in on sounds and characteristics that you like and delve into many other sub-genres. The genre of metal is a deep abyss. If you end up getting hooked, you can find yourself spiraling further and further down the rabbit hole :D

Here's an old suggestion post I made on another thread that includes some classic thrash bands that are similar to the over-played "big 4" thrash bands:

If you find yourself interested in some heavier stuff, here's an old suggestion post for heavier thrash, thrash/death, and doom varieties:

You can also check out my Thrashology and Doomology threads in the metal forum too if you end up liking those sub-genres.


You might be a bit overwhelmed by all this hardcore metal everyone is linking so take this thread's suggestions with a grain of salt because this is not representative of all metal out there; as long as you like the sound of a guitar and drums, there is a kind of metal that suites your taste.

  1. I can honestly say that growling is an acquired taste for most people. I thought it sounded terrible at first but now I enjoy stuff like Amon Amarth.

  2. I recommend you use Spotify because it gives you recommended bands similar to the ones you're currently listening to. It's a great way to slowly broaden your horizons.

  3. Get used to listening to other languages. There's a lot of metal that's absolutely fantastic and isn't in english. Rammstein, Korpiklaani, Finntroll Eluveitie(el-vet-tee) has some non-english stuff, Tommermenn, etc

If you were a bit shocked by things like Amon Amarth, Behemoth, etc, then you should check out some slower stuff.

Here are some of my favorite slower bands/songs with little to no growling:

Now, if you like growling and foreign languages here's some stuff you will like. If you don't like it yet then just keep it around; you'll get there eventually. I find that knowing at least what the chorus means helps you get into music in languages you don't speak.

"Ich tu dir weh" means "I hurt you" or "I do you harm". Ignore the scantily clad german men yelling at you...or ya know..don't..if you're into that sort of thing.

The chorus is "ich hab' keine lust" which means "I don't feel like it"

On one hand, I agree with this, but on the other, I wish that someone was available when I was first getting into metal to tell me of the wonders of other sub-genres and lesser known bands. I would've skipped the big four and pretty much everything played on the radio and dove in head first. Its great that you no longer have to listen to what's played on the radio and get only a tiny tip-of-the-iceberg glimpse of "metal" sound. Since so much information and content is at your fingertips nowadays, I think that some folks new to metal might transition pretty quickly into more obscure sounds.

The OP will have to let us know :D

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Here's some I like, hope you like them too:





Static X



There's a significant lack of Gojira in this thread...



Just some personal favorites of mine.

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