Nev processor and mobo vs new video card (i swear

i am so sorry i keep bothering you guys about my stupid upgrade but im so lost trying to make up my mind

q6600 + asus p5q and no graphics card vs graphics card and possibly the asus p5q and stay with my e4300?

because my uncle bought an q6600 off new egg by accident and he knew i needed a new cpu and he told me if i want it i can buy it off him instead of him losing money in shipping and restocking fee and if i buy the q6600 for 189 and the p5q but i cant buy the 9800 gt and keep my 8600 gt for now until i get some more money.

sorry guys i just cant make up my mind and i posted on and i didnt get a good response this is the only place i get a good response i dont wanna bother u guys with my crap =/

dude, you srysly gotta stop asking questions...

do it. the 8600 will be fine, go quad core and get the new mobo and you will be happy.

lol yah i really should stop asking questions but im so confused

im guessing i annoyed the crap out of every one with me not being able to make up my mind all im asking for is someone to make my mind up for me aghhhh

get the q6600, but make a deal and buy it from him for $169.

Id suggest the cpu and mobo

youll be more happy in the long run

plus if you oc that 8600 and play lower resolutions your fps will be good in most games

Theres a better way. Get the cpu, get the grahpics card. Keep the motherboard u have now. It will be fine, i dont see a point in u getting a new motherboard

Your 8600 GT is fine. Maybe when the holidays come around, your oh-so-loving family will get you a new 9800 GTX+. As of now, get a new motherboard and Q6600. Are you getting the P5Q pro or P5Q? Both are good, but the P5Qs placement of connections/ports is a little whack. Heatsinks looks nice though.

What motherboard do you have right now anyways?

my current motherboard dosent support quad core onyl dual core and a verly low fsb its the asus p5vd2 mx se and the freaking thing is under clocking my ran to 533 mhz i hate this board and i was looking at p5q and the 24 pin connection placement is retarted wtf

any asus boards with intel chipsepts that support sli as the p5q pro is cross fire and im going with nvidia? or only nvidia chipsets support sli?


only nvidia chipsets support sli.

alot of people say that the p5q pro does not work with 8600 gt it has no pci 1.1 support is that true?

umm im pretty sure they are wrong. pcie 2.0 will work with older cards that arent 2.0

PCI-e 2.0 is backwards compatible both ways. Whether it is on the card or whether it is the socket that is PCI-e 2.0. It's probably a fault on their end, whether it be a faulty card or a DOA board. Strawberry Calpico ftw.

any good $100 range mobo suggestions preferably by asus sli is optional im better off without as i will save more money good solid boards please thanks =)

mine. lmao.

Unless this site is gonna run out of storage soon, ask all you want. Upgrading aint no little thing. I spent around 2 gran on my upgrade a day ago. If your going to invest a lot of money in something, make sure you get the right thing. So dont feel bad for double (or triple) checking on things you aren't sure of. It's not bothering anyone and people will say 'dude, omg, like stfu!1' because they are stupid.

You could, however, try to think about every part of your upgrade, and then put it all in one thread, to make it easier. Or you can hop on the IRC chat when a lot of people are on and ask them...

the only non nvidia board you can buy right now as far as i know that does sli is the skulltrail. so if you want sli your choices are basicly 680i 750i 780i 790i. all of which i think are over 100.

if you dont need sli just get a p45 and the best single card you can afford. which i personally prefer over sli anyway, i was disapointed with the gain i got from 1 9800gtx to two, but thats just me.

theres a billiona dn one p5q asus boards and i dont want sli i want a good board that has 1 pcie 2.0 slot that supports quad core

whats the best board for around $100 with those needs by asus