Networking ubiquity questions and others

How easy is it to deploy ubiquity wireless ap for a sort of networking noob . The hardware side im great with but the gui im still learning .I know the just basic stuff , how to set the network name, wpa2, password setting .. those basic things . so any ideas on that and can i use the arris surfboard sb6141 with a netgear gs108 then a power line adapter. sorry about the broken English i am tired .

I set up two over the weekend, a Ruckus one and a reconfigured router. Setting up APs is only slightly more complicated than installing an unmanaged switch really.

Remember that an AP is (usually) just an extension of a physical network. None of the existing infrastructure needs to change or be reconfigured when adding APs to a network.

It's also possible to reconfigure the combination router/ap/switches they sell on newegg for $20 into AP configurations unless you want to do something enterprise grade (ubiquity). Ubiquity's APs aren't really all that great actually; Ruckus/cisco make better ones. The point of Ubiquity is to have a low ICI for managed wireless. If you're adding only a single access point, then a consumer-grade one or a Ruckus/Cisco one might make more sense depending upon your environment.

Configuration (read the manual to figure out how to do this):
Disable DHCP on the AP
Make sure the SSIDs match
Make sure you transparently bridge the wifi to the LAN/WAN ethernet port
It might get more complicated if you do a mesh but otherwise it's pretty simple.

In terms of other hardware, be sure not to mix wireless protocols (g/n/ac) between your different access points. Clients don't seem to like that. For access points that will have overlapping coverage, you might have to fiddle with placement.