Networking really is a wild new world for me

The openwrt router that i have been using was working perfectly but then it suddently just stopped functioning.I am using an Optiplex Turns out the Dual 10G nic I got off amazon for around 160 was no bueno. It literally just happend. I was working on my stuff while streaming and just like that the router went offline.

Openwrt is pretty rocksolid and kinda just works…makes sense considering so many routers use it…needless to say avoid this amazon nic at all cost.

It worked pefectly while it worked but for it to just die like that is shocking to me. It never was hot to the touch or anything. I wasn’t even hammering the card with 10g speeds. It literally just gave up… I am newer to netowrking but jeez…unreal.

That sucks.
Especially since running VRRP-setups (or similar) at home is unreasonable even for advanced home-labbing.

ftfy :wink:
Random-shit from the Jungle-site is… well, random shit from the Jungle site.


When like every other known vendor NIC is well above that it should give an obvious warning sign that it’s too good to be true?

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Hardware failures are just part of life, the question is it worth the RMA process to you? In my case I’d say no. Also here is the 10G NIC that has been running well in my NAS for the last couple months:


How was the airflow? Typically nics like that require pretty good airflow as they are designed for rack mount servers in mind. You’ll see TechTubers strap little tiny fans on server type cards in their whitebox builds.


Not exactly. There are a good variety of 10g nics at around this price point in a variety of locations, namly ebay and amazon. 10g isn’t as exotic as it used to be so $170 after tax for a dual 10gnic is not that shocking to me when i can get one used on ebay for 100 bucks, sometimes less.

The airflow is pretty good. I have a literal fan just sitting in there at the moment lol .

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Really nice nic. I saw this one. The biggest issue with this nic is my network is a hybrid network. All of my lan devices are connected via 10g but my internet is 2.5g/5g . X540 only does 1g and 10g, so i need an x550 card.

I dont know what VRRP-stups is really. I have heard it but…ye… ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I mean, if a BGA solder contact fails, it can just fail outright. Good one second, dead the next. If it’s not under warranty it could be interesting to pop the heatsink off and carefully inspect & research both the PCB and chip for authenticity.

Could be entirely unrelated. But for many years now there’s been videos documenting the salvaged chip industry where e-waste cards are processed, boards and chips are both salvaged and recombined into fake and/or authentic but salvaged parts that were then sold back into various online markets. Intel’s 10Gb NICs were a popular fake/salvage item given the sheer numbers and models used in servers and enterprise for 1-2 decades, as they were gradually sold used at attractive prices in the consumer markets as they were phased out. Made it real easy to pass salvaged and/or fake cards as regular used gear. Some years ago I was in the market for a 10G NIC for my NAS, and Intel’s old used cards were some of the cheapest that were compatible with Synology boxes. Then while researching them I discovered just how popular they were as fake and/or salvaged parts. Quickly found videos comparing fake Intel 10Gb PCBs to real ones, as well as fake chips on real PCBs. Still others were fully authentic but using salvaged components.

Even if the Amazon seller is reputable, that Amazon combines same items across multiple sellers in one bin and even tosses user returns into that same bin there’s no guarantee that anything’s the genuine article when buying anything off Amazon anymore regardless of the seller.

I don’t remember which article it was that documented the salvage chip industry, but I remember the photo of them washing removed semiconductor chips in dirty river water. Hard to believe that produced anything working at all. Asianometry also did his own video covering some of this a year ago after fake chips were found to be in an F-16 pilot’s ejection system, the ejection system failed to work and the pilot died.

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That would be a spelling mistake :facepalm:
“Setups” would have been it.
VRRP is multiple routers pretending to be a single one


Makes a lot more sense . i saw vrrp but not stups. lol

Very good information. I can look into this further. In general this phenomenon exist in many industries. That said if this was a “fake” nic it still was reaching all the necessary speeds and performing accordingly until it didn’t.

I think it failing out from solder joints or something is more likely.

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Still, since you had mentioned ebay I figured it was worth mentioning. If you look at the cheapest ones on ebay you’ll probably start finding cards where the heatsink or PCB shape or components don’t match up with others of the same model. Was something I noticed when when I was trying to confirm authenticity to buy one. Finally got to the point I just waited a few months until someone put a used Synology 10G nic on ebay cheap and bought that instead.


Yeah i am thinking of going with a dell 10G 550-T2…

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Broadcom P210TP seems to be fairly cheap otherwise even brand new

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Broadcom huh? It’s an intel world out there :woozy_face:

Pop the heatsink off and reapply thermal paste. The heatsinks with only 2 diagonal pins tend to rock on the chip and dried out old thermal paste isn’t helping.


Well I already returned it but i will remember this for future reference!