Networking over long range outdoors

I need some help from this forum, I was contacted this morning about running a network connections about 2000ft non line of sight to a LED sign so it can be managed from a server over the net. I'm not sure what the best solution is for this. If you guys have any ideas please let me know what you got. I really need some help on this one.

We use ghostbridges at work for that kind of thing. Wireless point to point link over 900mhz. GhostBridge from b&b electronics. Must be line of sight.

fiber line buried in a conduit? I think most high powered wireless ones need LOS.

Oh I missed not line of sight.

If its not line of sight at all, there's basically direct burial cable on a pair of modems. We use asmi-52 modems at work and it works out pretty well.

I would use fiber if your running 2 kilometers just saying. It will work better