Networking homework help

I was provided these question but I have no experience in scripting. Looking for someone who can complete the task with explanation given

Using your preferred scripting language (Perl,Python,C++ etc) to encompass below requirements and functionalities.

  1. Create an original script.

  2. Syntax must be correct and executable without errors

  3. The script should handle any potential errors (eg. machine not reachable,

etc) that occurs

  1. Provide references on any code that was copied from websites, including URL,

within the script file

  1. Script will be explained line by line, with output (if necessary)


Aim : - To get the list of end host connected to all the switches in the Network. We should get the following details through the script

  1. MAC address of the end host

  2. IP Address of the end host

  3. Host name of the end host

  4. Switchport on which the end host is connected

  5. CPU of the switch connected to end host

Get the data and store it in CSV file.

Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance.

Not to be rude but you really should do this yourself, if you need further explanation or clarification we can help but to basically try and farm out your work with no effort on your side is not really something we support


I’m confused why you need a script for this when nmap and netstat do all of this easily?

Homeworks are done specifically to go over the basics of stuff as basis to build further knowledge.

Also how is it possible to get homeworks like that and not even trying to find a solution?

Probably for a class or questions given at job interview.

I don’t see any way Nmap could get the switch port. I’m pretty sure you’d need to script a terminal session on each switch. Or maybe SNMP can do it. It’s been a while since I did any enterprise network admin.