Networking Equipment Episode Idea

Recently on Linus Tech tips there was an episode about wireless access points that don't suck.

Interestingly enough it started with Linus saying that he asked Wendel for a recommendation for AC access points.

I am wondering if Wendel could recommend routers and modems that don't suck as-well.  Networking equipment is often an overlooked part of gaming and honestly i really want to upgrade my home network to get rid of a lot of the garbage that all in one router/modem/access points bring.


That would be good idea for a video. I would also like to see their (Wendell/Logan/Qain) choices for a managed switch for a home environment. Logan did mention using a managed switch for link aggregation on a dual NIC setup with the NAS. In addition, if they could pick a simple and easy to setup switch for link aggregation, that would be awesome, for the viewers that may not know much about the subject.