Network video server, internal or external storage?

tldr; looking for discussion, pros and cons, rather than specific parts lists on a Windows based NVR server build.

Need to replace a network video recorder server in an enterprise setting. So I’m looking at off the shelf, tier 1 stuff. No DIY here. It’ll be something I can buy an on-site maintenance agreement for, etc. This NVR is the center of a Panasonic cctv system, handling about forty cameras, most of which are 720p, a few are a bit better.

Two trains of thought in my head right now. Internal storage like the existing server, which is a 3U (i think?) PowerEdge stuffed with a 15 LFF drives, 12 up front 3 in the rear, or external storage so likely a 1U server and external DAS shelf. Current server is six core, 16gb ram, 60TB raw space

Spec wize, looking towards the low end. Eight to sixteen cores, 64G of ram, 100T of raw disk space. The video server app my enterprise uses is Windows and MS-SQL based. CPU wise it hardly does anything, the server receives compressed video streams from the cameras, and writes it to the disk. The server doesn’t really interact with the video streams, we’re not baking in timestamp / label overlays for example.

What are some thoughts from other enterprise admins out there?

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