Network Teaming Recommendation

To all the networking Gurus out there, what it the best Option for a High performance Network, i am currently use Dynamic Link Aggregation But it is only showing 1Gigabit Speed not 4 Gigabit like i want it.

Have you configured the Link Aggregation on the switch?

Yes... Well wat HP call Trunking


What is the host OS on the machine you are trying to LACP to.

Also what model is the switch.

W2K8R2 Ent

Network Controller - Intel I350-T4 Server NIC 4Port

Switch - HP 1810-24G

Have you manually configured the trunks on the switch? If so I would delete the trunk group on the switch and make sure you have enabled LACP on the ports your NIC is connected to. The switch should then auto set up a DYN-1 trunk group containing the relevant ports.


Check out for more info (see page 2-21)

Thanks Guys, was two issues.

One was that i had the truck set in Static not in LACP mode, the other being that i had a Cat 5e cable decide that it was going to run at 100Mbit not Gigabit

Thanks Again, Zanginator and Lister