Network Switch Brand Matter? [unmanaged]

I’m looking to get a 5 or 8 port unmanaged switch. Does the brand really matter much in this case? I’m guessing maybe it matter more if I were looking to get a managed switch? Fairly noob when it comes to some of the networking stuff beyond basic router things.

Going to be getting one at MicroCenter this weekend, and just wanted to make sure there aren’t brands to avoid. They carry DLink, TP-Link, Netgear, Ubiquiti, and Tenda… other as well I’m sure. Those were just the main ones I found. Ubiquiti is out because of price. Was thinking DLink ,TP-Link, or Netgear, but thought maybe Tenda if it’s cheaper.

I have been using a Netgear GS608 for 5 years. No problems. Crossing switch brands doesn’t particularly matter, some managed switches offer proprietary link aggregation features but they can be disabled.

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just try to get 1000mbps / gigabit kind - should be <$20

(not sure why people are still making stuff with 100mbps ethernet ports in 2020 there’s practically no difference in power/cost)

edit: oh, and look at the size of the power brick … sometimes they’re huge and unwieldy

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