Network Speed

Here is my set up
Fios Router with Verizon’s “gigabit” internet
Asus RT N66U
wired to my TP Link switch
Into my H81-M
and I’m getting 90 mbps, is this normal because I’ve split the signal so many times?

are you using CAT5e or higher cabling? if its regular CAT5 then you’ll probably be stick at 10/100 speeds

Can we see a screenshot of your speed test? How are you testing the speed?

Google speed test

It would be very useful to see how it does through so you could link the score here these cables

actually, this is coming from my Asus Router

Sure it’s megabits per second and not megabytes per second? If it’s megabytes per second then that’s about right. Otherwise make sure that everything in your network support gigabit and you don’t have some 100mbps link somewhere. If the hardware is all gigabit something like a damaged cable, or the wrong kind of cable, will cause it to run at 100mbps.

this one doesnt look very good tbh. try replacing this with an actual cat5e of cat6 cablre. cat5 isnt really designed for gigabit but cat5e can do it just fine.

Also just as @Dexter_Kane said, are you measuring in megabits or megabytes? gigabit(1000mbit/s) network gets about 100mbyte/s and 100mbit/s gets about 10mbyte/s

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Cat5 is no good, it will only do 100mbps

Thats the ISP speed. its very possible that your internal home gigabit actually works fine but verizons “gigabit” is just a piece of shit. try plugging your machine straight into the modem with a cat6 cable and see if you get the same speeds. If you do then its your ISP

You are wired or on WiFi? How many times have you split the signal? They only split mine once initially, and it cut my speed in half. I then had the router relocated. When I removed the splitter in the ONT, my speed doubled at the least. I still don’t get the 986 mbps that I was promised but it’s a lot closer. I heard you can call and have your bill adjusted if they can’t/won’t fix your speed.

I lol’d @ verizon

My main machine is getting about 800, this is a second machine on the network. My knowledge is limited, but I’m trying to learn more. I figured I bottlenecked it somewhere.

everything is wired

I ordered a new cable, 35 feet of cat 6. I find this fun so thanks for the insight. I learned something

It’s that cat5 cable, cat5 only has four wires and can only run at 100mbps.replace it with a cat5e or cat6 cable and you should be fine.

ah ok so the second machine is not getting full speed. How confident are you that the ethernet port on the second machine is actually gigabit and not 10/100? also check the cable, its possible the cables just garbage. the 100ft cable you listed on amazon is definitely crappy and should be tossed right away

I can’t wait to get rid of it honestly