Network router

hey guys im thinking about getting a new router as the one i have now is the worst thing ever and i hate it 

i was having a few freinds over last night and we were getting huge pings (<1000ms) over wifi we all had 4-5 bars 

i would mostly use it for some lan gaming and a fair bit of online gaming and a bit of network media streaming (using my tv to watch movies that are on my laptop for example)

i need a few enthernet ports and would prefer if it had 5ghz wireless 

i might install ddwrt later but i may not

i was thinking about getting a netgear N900 but im only just starting to look so any opinions would be very appriciated and thanks in advance


Im using Asus RT-N66U right now. 

Does what you need, and you can get help from forums if you run into any trouble.




7 you use the AIcloud much, if so does it work well and how is the NAS functionality



Hmm, I would try to build a PFSense Box as your main router then use a 8 port switch and use a wireless router as the wireless access point. That is how I have my setup right now and it works really good. As for the LAN Gaming I would go would go wired. Going over wireless can usually lag at times. By the sounds of your current router, it isn't capable of processing that many packets of information at once