Network Manager - VPN Issues Ubuntu 18.10

Hi, New on the forum here and firstly excuse my English if something spells crazy since i am a Swede!

I have a strange issue with Network Manager and OpenConnect for some VPN connections, if i create my connections towards Cisco EQ or PaloAlto EQ in the GUI all goes well untill i connect, when i post my credentials towards the Firewall i get a sys-notification that says “Connection Failed - Activation of network connection failed”

If i run the connection in the terminal as “openconnect --protocol=anyconnect x.x.x.x(host) --dump -vvv” it all works fine and dandy with the exception that sudo is required. I cant wrap my head around this, it seems like it started when i installed the support for GlobalProtect(PaloAlto) from GitHub.

If anyone has any idea or where i should look for a solution it would be very helpful.

Best Regards