Network limiter and priority manager Application

So I’m currently using Garuda Linux
Kernal version 5.16.16 - zen1-1-zen (64-bit)
Kde plasma ver. 5.24.3

My question is there was a program on Windows that I use called net limiter for packet priority and limiting I was wondering if there was a graphical Linux application like that as well but a few hour long search with DuckDuckGo brought up router OS options but nothing specifically like that program.

Unfortunately it’s the best internet in my local area and it is absolutely terrible so I have to use a software like this to use Discord or do more than one thing on the internet at a time. I do understand I could probably do something like this on the router level but it does not work as efficiently in my testing for my needs.

So any help with you greatly appreciated it’s mainly the priority part that is very useful for me rather then the network bandwidth limiting.

This does not have a GUI, but do you need GUI?

This one has a gui but it looks more dated:

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Thank you so much I’ll check them both out!