Network File Sharing between Windows and Linux

Hey guys,

Can anyone help me to setup network file sharing between my Linux HTPC and my main Windows PC.

I tried different distros such as OpenSUSE, Fedora, Zorin, XBMCBuntu but I'm not able to congifure it

I would recommend setting up a NAS, or Network-Attached Storage system, using the NTFS file system for the HDDs (or SSDs, if you are rich enough to have several TB of SSD). However, if you don't want a network-based system, you could always do a LAN connection, running an ethernet cable (Cat6a or 7) to the NAS, and get (fairly) decent transfer rates. On LAN, if you're using a current motherboard, you will get, at most, 1 gigabit transfer speeds. You can buy a 10-gigabit NIC and get transfer speeds upwards of 600MB/s (mega byte), but that would be a rather expensive investment for transfer speeds you could get from just adding more SSDs to your build.