Network Discovery Issues

Hi there,

I've recently set up a Windows Server 2012 R2 machine for backups and media. But I have run into a problem with Windows on my computer that it cannot see the Server in the Network discovery. From my computer I can:

Ping it with its static IP address

Ping it with its name

Remote Desktop into it.

It shows up in nbtstat.

But it does not show up in Network Discovery in Windows Explorer. Network Discovery is turned on. And I have spent hours on end to try fix this problem. All the other computers on the network can see the server just fine.

I've tried many different things. But I need help in this bizarre situation.




Odd that only one machine doesn't see it.

Can you navigate to the server though? (Aka via putting the hostname or IP in the navigation bar of explorer)

Yea going \\Server (pc-name)  says it cannot find it

Sounds like a firewall problem.

I've Disabled the Firewalls (and antivirus) on both computers and it still can find it.

You can ping it, remote desktop to it but when you try //server or //ip address you can't browses it? But other computers can?


Well that's really weird. Do you have your network set to home network? with file and printer sharing turned on? Make sure your network configuration matches one of the computers which is works, could be an incorrect DNS server setting.

Yes, yes and yeah they have all the same settings. I can see the other computers on the network as. I've removing and re-adding to the homegroup. Flushing the DNS cache, things like that.

I haven't used home group, could be that windows server doesn't work with home group. Make sure your computer is in the same workgroup as the server. Or are you using active directory?

Not using AD.  Yeah I've  made sure when I added it to the homegroup it was the same one. I've even redid the homegroup completely on every computer to make sure. 

I mean the workgroup, not the home group, I'm not sure windows server works with home group. Make sure all your computers and the server are on the same workgroup.

Other than that I'm out of ideas.

ah sorry I meant workgroup. Thanks for the help tho.