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Network design for 50+ people


I’d assumed they were measuring throughput of the switch, not all ports combined. Whether they’re counting a gigabit of traffic going from one host to another on the same switch as 1 gigabit or 2 gigabit. Given the exact round number I’m hoping they’d be counting this as 1Gbps.

What I haven’t found is whether this is still 70Gbps with 100B frames, or if 802.1x changes anything. I’m assuming switching silicon is cheap enough for this to be the case.


Ok, I have a question about my new network. What would be the best method for my coworkers to remote into their computer so they can work remotely?


It has been my experience ssh into my remote server has been the best way from a security point of view. Have said that depending on what you are trying to do I have found the experience very disappointing. If all you are trying to do is download files or your email or make changes to the remote computer, it isn’t a fustraiting experence. The limiting fracture is going to be the up load speed of the computer you are sitting in front of. I might be better ways to securely log in to a remote computer than shingles into it, but I am not experenced in how to do that. Maybe someone else could chime in on some better ways to securely remote access into a dissent network.


One of my co workers want to remote into there work computer from home to work. He codes mostly so that is the workload. He has been using Team Viewer but want a better solution so he asked me.


If they are running Windows Pro they could use Remote Desktop. You can configure the connection via port forwarding or have them VPN into the office network from home and then do the remote desktop.

If not running Windows there is software on the Linux side that you can install on the computer for remote access, but that is beyond my knowledge. Remote access setup would be similar though (port forward or VPN). I prefer VPN myself, but either works with strong password and good TLS.


From a security standpoint having your friend sshing into his work computer is better than using Team Viewer. I don,t have any experience with it but everything I have read about Team Viewer leads me to think it isn’t,t a very secure way to connect to the work computer.



Setup a VPN either to a dedicated VPN server or to the router then connect via RDP to the desktop via the private IP. If RDP isnt an option because of a different OS, use VNC instead. The VPN is the only way into our network from the outside.