Network Crisis

Hi everyone on forums, brand new here and my first post. I really need help getting my head around the networking side and I will try to tell you everything I possibly can but aware I have no knowledge in network.

So my new house has two Ethernet wall ports. One in my room and one in the kitchen. Now, my ISP originally Telstra (I'm in Austalia) gave us a modem router but Telstra was removed from our area and is now brought by a new ISP. They sent us a new modem router and got that connected and all good. Now, lately I was wondering why I never tried setting up my own modem and all this wireless stuff in my room as my wifi connection from my room to the kitchen is around 22 meters with couple of walls making my connection somewhat average. Now, school is almost finish and want to get back into all these awesome game scoming out on both pc and console (don't much). Now this is where I'm stuck. How the hell do I get my port in my room to work and spent the whole day just playing with it and such.

So the kitchen router goes like this (Ethernet cable from wall > into a adsl splitter > with one adsl cable going into my home phone and > one into the modem.

I tried using my old modem from telstra and connected the cables as they see fit and no internet connection. Took one of the adsl cables from the splitter and the phone and tried that. no internet connection. Now I'm getting really frustrated and want to pull my hair out and decided ask you guys for help cause I know you guys are helpful.

Where do I start, what do I need, what do I do, what I should buy.


Just to clear some confusion up, its not an ethernet port on the wall, it is a standard phone socket and the cable is an RJ11, as ADSL is the communication standard not a cable.

I'm presuming the kitchen socket is the master socket. So it is the first connection within the house from the external phone line. Any additional sockets from there are daisy chained to the master socket.

Firstly you need to find if the socket in your room is wired up.

I would quickly grab the home phone and connect it to your socket and see if it dials out. If it doesn't (or there's not even a dial tone) I'd check the wires (as described below) If it does dial out, again check the wiring. (sometimes modems only work in the master socket)

You can do this by removing the faceplate of the wall socket (in the kitchen) and you should see 2 wires each with 6 wires in each. If there are two wires it shows that the master is connected and then a slave socket is daisy chained to it. Also check that the socket in your room is fully wired up as well. Should have only one wire, check that the cables are wired the same as they are in the kitchen socket.

You wouldn't get a connection with the old modem, unless you update the settings within the modem. Also you can't run two modems on one ISP service so it wouldn't work unless you disconnected the other modem.

You shouldn't need to buy anything and it is most likely a socket wiring issue.

Opening it up and checking the port. I would say you are right and that it's the wires. Half of the wires are just there and another half like OMG, why did this guy do my house.

I also check the wiring at the kitchen and lets say that my port in my room is busted. The wiring at the kitchen only uses two blues and two whites with reds and blacks not in tact and than checked my room and has the wiring principle, yet how come my room doesn't connect. AHAHAHHA, so frustrating. 

Right this is guess work but ill give it a go.

You have 2 phone points in your house, one in the kitchen and one in your bedroom?

The one in the kitchen has an DSL Filter box connected, so it splits the connection into a phone cable and an internet cable which goes to your router?

If this is how its setup i will guess that the one in your bedroom is a slave to the master socket in the kitchen and therefore would be wired differently.

Now depending on your router and the type of system your ISP uses theres only one way to get it to work in your room. If your router will only work of your master your sorta stuck.

Take both the router and the filter to your room and plug it in (the same way as it was kitchen), if this works then youl need another filter to use on your phone (depending on the type of dsl you have this may not be needed) if it doesnt work the slave point in your room will only work with phones, the only other option you have then is to run a phone extension line from the master to your room and plug the router and filter into that ( this can degrade the signal alot if its over 10m).

im only guessing here cos im unsure on your setup but if its the same as it is here in the UK this should work.

Heres some pics in epic paint :D (i suck hard at paint)        Current setup?         Setup to test (you may or may not need the filter in the kitchen)


If all you want is a strong connection in your room you could grab an wireless range extender for the wifi and plug it in  half way between you and the router. If you have a spare power point near the router in the kitchen you could grab some networking over power line adaptors.

Plug an ethernet cable into the routers switch (assuming it has one as most do) put the other adaptor in an empty power socket in your room and run some ethernet cable from that to your PC. Keep in mind networking over power line adaptors wont work with a power board of power splitter they have to be plugged straight into the wall I think.

Of course both those options cost money, but not too much 

Wireless range extender:

Networking over power line: