Network Connection

So this is my situation, and I do not know much about networks at the moment. My house has two rj11 ports (I'm pretty sure). One in the kitchen and one in my room which is around 25 metres from the kitchen. I've been using wireless connection for about 2 years now and got myself back into gaming and usually nobody games on wireless. The kitchen port is the master port if that is what it is called where that is where the modem and wireless router sits and I do not want to use metres of rj45 cable into my room. Now I am pretty sure that I cannot get internet connection from the port from my room to my computer directly. Another option is powerline but I want that to be my last resort and was wondering how to get the port from my room working. I'm pretty sure it is wired correctly since the house is fairly new (built in 2011) and was hoping for some help and suggestions. I was thinking of buying another router to put in my room and connect that to my computer but thought maybe I should get advice before I throw $50 into something that won't even work. Any helpful advice or suggestions are appreciated. 

I've never even considered the legality aspect of HomePlugs; as far as I'm aware, they're fine in the UK, right? Could you recommend any good 'sites about this sort of thing?

As for OP's situation, I know the ISP recommends you use the master phone socket, but it's still worth trying other sockets. I know ethernet cables are fine up to 100m, but I'm not too sure with phone cables.

In my current student house, we have two sets of HomePlugs (one of my housemates runs a layer 2 switch from his HomePlug), and they're fine; perfectly fine for our 30Mbit fiber broadband from Virgin.