Network Cards

Other than Gaming, I also do a lot of uploading and streaming. I am currently using the on-board network connection so would I benefit from using a dedicated card? If so, any recommendations? I am completely ignorant about these sorts of things. if it helps, my internet speed is 5mbps up and 100 mbps down.  THANKS!


Well what is your motherboard? Personally I don't see an issue as your NIC will outpace your internet easily anyways.

Depending on your motherboard, it will probably have a Realtek, Broadcom or Intel NIC. 
These should all be ok, but Intel's are the best. For normal internet use there shouldnt be any problems, but if your PC is on a network and constantly sending and receiving files, or if you have a NAS and you are streaming lots of movies and copying big files, then I would get a Intel NIC (assuming you dont already have one). The cool thing about Intel NIC's are that they prioritise data, so they split the traffic. They might see gaming traffic and streaming traffic coming in, and then they prioritise the gaming traffic.


I have an ASUS P8z68-Vpro motherboard but I will see about what NIC I have before I go buying anything. Thanks for the advice! 


I just googled and their site says that it's Intel's :)

So you should be cool!