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Network card upgrade questions


Hi I’ve got sort of a possibly stupid question. So my college’s it department sent out an email that said all the access points will be upgraded to the 802.11 ax specifications. My friend wants to upgrade his network card in his Thinkpad x250 in order to take advantage of it so I saw the Intel ax200 for sale for around $17 and I offered to do it for him but I was wondering it’ll still work with the antennas in the think pad right? I’m assuming there’s no antenna specs that are needed to take advantage of a new wifi standard…



it will work fine. assuming his laptop is keyed the same as the card and theres no firmware limitations, should be plug and play.

I’m not so sure about the quality of the card tho…

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Adubs is right. Antennae usually don’t have anything special about them unless it’s tuned for certain frequencies. So they should work. Theoretically anyway.



This isn’t a stupid question at all. Lenovo is fond of implementing BIOS white lists (all of my ThinkPads have been thus plagued). Meaning, if the desired WiFi card does not appear in the BIOS white list, the the card won’t work. Do your homework and check if his specific model includes a whitelist.

There are BIOS hack workarounds, but this probably isn’t the best solution for the casual user.