Network Admin or Network Engineer

Hello everyone at Tek Syndicate,


I am very interested in becoming a Network Administrator or a Networking Engineer. I was wondering if you had any suggestions for a university you would recommend. Also wanted to say, keep up the awesome videos! 

Both a Network Admin and Network Engineer are very similar. They both build and maintain the network infrastructure. There isn't much of a difference in terms of amount of tasks, and what area are you in? I would recommend starting with a community college then transferring.

Homestly I would say Network Engineer. With Network Admin, you are going to end up monitoring a network rather than building networks. There is a difference mostly in the work they do. In the future as networks become more stable I would recommend you find a Uni that does Network Engineering. You will do a lot of programming and have a better career path.

On the subject on University. It really depends on you. Where do you live, Do you mind doing online causes? What area is your interests as every uni has slightly different causes that apply for different individuals. 

I am currently living in Florida but I want to move away so pretty much anywhere would be good, I was kinda thinking Colorado because it is a little close to home and I could snowboard when the season comes around. I would rather have a brick and mortar school as opposed to online but if an online uni offers a better program I would rather have the better program.


Depends what company you work for to really, 


Example - the company I work for I am the head of the IT dept "smaller company" now we have a network administrator of course, however we share the work between us and we have no engineer per say, I also double up and network admin and engineer in the sense that we monitor and deploy our own networks throughout the company.