Netstorms Islands at war RTS to get spirtual successor reboot

It was recommended by a user on a FB gaming group that I post about this here since they thought users here might be interested and remember the old game..

Me and a group of original fans had joined together to work with the the original creators of the old NetStorm on a reboot of the style and game-play as a spiritual successor re-envisioned under new IP and game-world in indie studio backed up with support from original NetStorm design team


Our project is currently at 4k backing on kickstarter

And before anyone comments about the name yeah we know it sounds similar to the other storm game and it was not meant as attempt at ripping that game and if this kickstarter succeed the final lease name we will change from the development code name once its ready for release to avoid such further issues.

We had picked the name as a tribute of the old NetStorm and its focus around Storm elements and priests....