Netflix is in my country, now.. lets get VPN (Solved)

First of all, average monthly paycheck here is 300$ so 10$ VPN extra on 12.89$ netflix subscription is not cheap keeping in mind that I'm paying cable to.

So, my question is simple: What is the cheapest and safe way to get US netflix ? I find, nice price but is it safe ?

find a internet friend nice enough to setup a vpn for you.

I dont have problem with setting up VPN, I'm just asking witch safe and cheapest VPN service to buy ?

I meant, have a friend that lives in the us that will setup a private vpn at his house, and you connect to his vpn and use his internet instead of paying a 3rd party vpn provider.

not trying to be rude, just kinda joking around. idk what vpn provider is cheap, i see private internet access (PIA) tossed around a lot however.

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O, I see.. ye, that option with US friend will be gr8. Only, I have relatives in the US but none of them is "IT educated" in that way so they can set up something like that.



I'm compelling to get a subscription too. Just that I'll need to upgrade my CRT TV and may be put an Android TV Box. Not sure if I need a VPN.

Well, I'm from europa and content is much different then the US one. For example, there is no house of cards or mr. robot.. or some of the good movies.

So I'm trying to find out how to bypass region limit and use US one.

I heard they are banning VPN users no? Really hate all these geo blocking stuffs. Hopefully the content in Asia are not too bad.

If you have netflix now in your region, you can try it for free for 30 days. Just cancel subscription before it ends to avoid paying next month if you dont like it.


Depend is you need Full VPN. I use this its cheap and it is awesome, it more of a DNS VPN.

Basically is only router your traffic via their VPN is the site you request is listed, otherwise everything else router normally. The advantage for me is that for access all my website in my country is fast, but when I go to netflix it route via US.

But another feature is they have a region changer so you get Netflix in UK,USA,Your country heaps of others.

Good luck

Thank you. Google-ing I run on unblock-us site but I didn't know is it safe or..

So, unblock-us is safe and "verified" service ? No worries about safety ? Price is cool, 50$/y sounds nice.

I am all for using VPNs.
But if Netflix is now in your Country, why do you need a VPN to the US to watch it?

WastelandSamurai - Its not the same. I'm from europe. A LOT of stuffs is missing. Almost every country have a different offer and US one is with the best content.

Ahh that makes sense. I hate region locked pricing and content. Seems so backwards to try and stop the free spreading of art and culture.

Being in the US where most of thus content is created I dont not really think on it that often.

I do hate when I have to pirate or import a game or anime from japan that is not being released in the US. It should not be that hard to simply pay for a digital product.

I use Private Internet Access and don't have any complaints. They have clients for Win, Mac, Linux & Android.

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I use them as well. I like them.


This site and payment system is safe, I have been using it for 3 years.
They have good support and you will see, if have guide to activate all kinds of service. Also Netflix doesn't really care, I change from US to UK once a day and It hasn't done anything.

But Safety is term of obfuscating all your traffic, it doesn't do that and doesn't pretend to.

It is popular and safe service.

Super su ti slicke na flickeru :) .

Maybe there are still no subtitles avilable and that is the reason?Time will tell.