Netflix Aliases & Firewall Rules

Hello I just got done setting up OpenVPN on my PfSense box but now I cant watch any of my Netflix content. I was reading up and saw that I can't use my VPN because Netflix blocks anyone using a VPN. I just want to set a rule to push all traffic going to Netflix through my ISP. I have tried 2 list that I found online but I still get blocked. Does anyone here have a good list I can use or a better solution. I mean it would be nice if Netflix just publicized there list of IP if they are going to go out and block VPN users. That way they could just go in and fix this themselves but they don't and make this hard for the end user.

Are you sure the rules are correct? i can have a look if you like

nvm fixed it.
i added and

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Wait This isn't fixed it worked for a episode of star trek the next generation but when i came back today it blocked me and I am back at square zero. any ideas.

here are my Lan rules and a Aliases that i use for netflix.

I am having the same issue with PFsense and PIA, not work thus far :s