NetApp Disk Shelf Home Storage

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Saw the video ( that the guys did and thought that for what I want from a home server I wanted to attempt to setup a Disk Shelf off of eBay (NetApp DS14-MK4) using a ZFS Filesystem.
But theres a slight problem.
I have a fairly good knowledge of the file system itself however I never actually sat down and experimented with it in any way as I was put off with how daunting a prospect that was.
However now I am in dire need of a network storage solution that is fast and reliable so I thought that this was the way to go, I am planning on having 2-3 shelves with 4.2TB each for a theoretical total 8.4TB-12.6TB storage array.
As I'm a bit of a fish out of water here I could do with a pointing in the right direction as far as setup and managment are concerned.
Any and all Help is much appreciated.
Thanks Again,

How've you got it connected to a computer? Or have you got a NetApp head shelf too?

DS14? And you don't know where to start? I'd suggest you rather buy several new 2-3TB SATA drives instead.
1. DS14 is old. I don't even remember when I saw them in production, but it's probably close to ten years ago.
2. It uses old drives. SCSI drives with FC interface. Yes, you may still find them on ebay, but again, it's a very old hardware. I don't think they're produced anymore. Also, you may need to reformat the drives into 512-byte sectors (not sure if Netapp used 520-byte sectors back then or not).
3. It's FC shelf. You'll need FC HBA, 4Gb SFPs, and it will be FC-AL (arbitrated loop) connection.

Anyone have any experience with one of these guys?

I'm just wondering if i could stick in a bunch of SATA drives i have lying around and connect it to my Poweredge and have them present as individual disks to the OS (proxmox) or if there is a hardware abstraction layer in there.