Net Neutrality globally

Could you explain Net Neutrality and changes to laws and regulations in USA would affect other countries such as Sweden were I live. Will fast and slow lanes affect my connection to streaming sites likr youtube or netflix? This isn'very obvious to me and I don't know if I should be worried that the choices of a country on the other side of the world will affect me negatively.  

I would guess that it will not affect you right away. Maybe not at all in the sence that you will get slower connection to US based web sites and services (you can always use VPN). But the danger I see in it is that other countries tend to be inspired by such horrible ideas from US and make them happen in their own country. They will use US as a proof of concept and say "Hey, look its going great in the US, lets do the same thing here" while sticking money in their pockets from your local big ISPs, who would definitelly like to have slow lane / fast lane => more money for themselfs.

I'd be worried about it but not overly worried .The EU is to diverse for any real lobbying effort to be made by the ISP's we dont have many major european ISPs like in the US the market is way too diverse, look at the abolishment of mobile roaming rates across the EU thats proof that the Major networks failed ,I'd be more worried about the Spying and economic bullying going on  than the speed of my netflix tbh.

Well, some of them are still trying to push against NN

and i tried soo hard not have a rant about 'windbag merkel'  * no offense to the germans on here* she's not so popular out in my neck of the woods , the politicians love her everyone else not so much .. reference to the economic bullying.