Net neutrality and it's future

Let me preface this with a call for celebration. It finally happened! The world still has some humanity left!

This is a thread aimed at the more worrying parts of the new regulations in an attempt to rationalize them. I don't believe that the FCC's recent actions were misguided or wrong, I just think that it wasn't a perfect situation and sacrifices had to be made in order to give it more support. I'll list some of my worries and we'll try to explain them as best as we can.


The FCC voted on title II before reading it. This seems to be cause for alarm, but I remember reading somewhere that this is usually the case with the FCC. What causes them to do this, and if it's normal why?


The Open Internet Order was amended shortly before it was voted on. Is this a cause for concern?


As far as I can tell it's not available to the public yet. Is it hiding somewhere that's "publicly available"? Can someone file a freedom of information request?


UPDATE: There is an article in the LA Times about FCC and releasing the doccument, I definitely don't agree with Pai


In fact here's a song about Pai that an Ars reader wrote it's pretty entertaining.


Another thing I am wondering about is the potential lawsuits from ISP's. Right after the vote rumours started to appear that ISP's will file lawsuits against the FCC. Can they change anything?



Not sure if it's allowed to post outgoing links but a guy in this community made a compelling argument why this might not be the last battle on net neutrality: