Nes pc ko

Hello Guys this is my Nes Pc Project which i have named NES KO. Most people build Nes with the stealth look and with a low end atom, apart from one guy who put an i7 in one. lol

However earlier this year I got bored and bought for a broken nes and i played with the idea, however after several problems. (USB placement, Power Buttons and Power supply) I shelved the idea.

But after seeing E3 and the console marketing looking dreadful, i decided to revive the project after 4 months. I have solved the three original issues and then i thought that i would give the console a more modern look as well ( With my own personal taste on the colours)

Here is my Part list: (Total cost of parts £300ish)

1U TSP 250W

Intel Core i3-3220

AMD VTX3D 7750

1333mhz patriot 4GB (2x2GB)

Samsung 320GB Spinpoint M8

ASRock H61M-VG3

Noctua NH-L9i

As you can see from my part list this wont be atom rom machine but this should be able to play games on medium settings 1080p which isnt bad for a NES lol.I will post pictures of progress if there is a demand for it.

The only thing which is missing is logo for a grill which i cut out for more air flow, I cant find anthing which seems to fit. I wanted some from sega like super sonic (just thought it would be funny to have a sega character on a nintendo console.) If you guys have any ideas what to put there that would be great.






the Metroid logo is pretty badass, and with an ivy i3 you should be able to emulate even the PS2 perfectly fine

Now market it to the masses!

Thats looks great, might consider that.

I would conder getting a ASUS board that has a good EPU, basically it keeps your stock clocks but undervolts them while still being stable, will dramtically help temps, I would also if you could Opt for a M-Sata SSD if your board supports it

I really like this guy's builds, I plan on doing a SNES build myself when I stop being broke, as far as I know he is the only person that has ever mad a build log of SNES PC

instead of a 1U PSU I would Opt for a Pico ITX PSU, 150w will be all you need

I love those series of videos I wish he would do a saturn or something Sega based.

I wish I could get a Asus as i normally use them for my main rigs but the cheapest itx board is £55 from Asus and the Asrock is £31 thats almost half price

Im strictly anti Pico powersupplies as i dont want a power brick as people have a nasty habbit of stepping on them also they are very expensive at £89 in the UK. The U1 is only £39 and it fits :)

Pretty Much Im trying to keep the cost at the same as new console £300ish (excluding Modding tools like Dremel and paint)



This an old pic from last week, I was imspired by the lamborghini gallardo hence the colour.

Woow this is realy awesome, i had a NES an SNES when i was a little girl, played manny hours of super mario bross castlevania, zelda link, donky kong, Duckhunt haha i realy loved it..

i have also a wii, to play those nintendo games some times..


Hey Guys I have some more pic of my progress:

pcpc 1