NES Castlevania Statistic Bar Glitch

Note: I have a PAL NES with a region lock mod.

I have a copy of Castlevania (The first one) its a NTSC version, Now it plays fine and there isnt any problems but one, the fact that the life, score, item, level or as im going to call it 'The Statistic Bar' basically moves as you walk through the stage and it makes impossible to switch items from the holy water to the throwing knife for example.

Heres a video i took of the issue (Excuse the shaky video, hard to use the controller and my phone)
Heres my video

and for those who don't want to watch the video i took some pictures
One image
And heres another!

So i am thinking it either my region lock mod (that chip on the board has had the leg removed) or the game cartridge its self, or it could be a problem with the 72 pin connector?

Any help would be very appreciated since this is a little game breaking and i was really looking forward to playing it.