Nervous! First PC Build!

I was wondering if these components work out...

MotherBoard: Asus P8Z77-V PRO

CPU: Intel Core i7 3rd Generation 3770k Quad Core @ 3.5 ghz Hoping to OC to 4.5

CPU Cooling: Corsair H80i

GPU: SLi EVGA NVIDIA GeForce GTX 560 ti 1gb. GDDR5

PSU: KingWin Lazer 850 watt

HDD: Seagate 1tb. @ 7200 rpm.

SSD: Adata 120 g. SATA III 6 gbs./ sec. 

RAM: COrsair Vengeance 16 gb. @ 1600 mhz.

And I'll be stuffing this into a Cooler Master 430 Elite Black?

i dont know if it will fit into a coolermaster elite 430 but i would go with a corsair 400r and go with either the geforce gtx 660 or 660ti and just get an intel core i5 3570k because it is just as good in editing but that is just me

i agree, a single 660 or 7870 

8GB of RAM would be fine for gaming too if you want to save a few bucks

Do you plan to upgrade to large power hungry video cards/components in the future? if not you dont really need 850 watts

If your not rendering a lot  get a 3570k (should be about 100$ cheaper) Also above said 8 Gigs should do you fine

the H80i would do well but something like a hyper 212 evo should be good enough and much cheaper to OC your CPU Y

You could also bring the motherboard down a notch, as that board has features you probably wont use or dont really need, look at offerings from Asrock and Gigabyte

and if you end up saving a bunch of that money get a better card like a 7870 (7950 if you can find a good deal) or gtx 660 (ti if you can fina a good deal)


P.s. if you dont need the 1TB drive immedatley or if you know you will have a bit of extra cash in the future you can get it later, aswell you could by a lower end video card, say a 7850 for instance and once you get more money buy another and crossfire both of them. 

Hope i Helped



Thank You! I have chosen an 850 watt PSU because I plan on upgrading but thank you for replying and you did help.

Thank you!