Nerdy and technical aspects of DVD and BD burners

Hey everyone.

Doing content creation, for myself and clients, I've a particular fondness for WORM media over WMRM as a means of backup for both, source material and master copies. 

Having said that, I already have built up an amount of DVDs filled with source material of old college projects, work I've done during my time with a few companies and a collection of personal work. For my needs, the benefits of the medium, in my mind, outweigh the drawbacks of the lack of storage capacity and speed. 

With all that being said, I have gotten away without using top-quality burners, having never needed to produce archive-quality copies. For the future, however, I'd like to invest in a burner, preferably a BD one, that can produce results fit for archiving media to the best quality possible. 

I assume the state of the process of transforming data stored on a metal platter to that stored on a shiny plastic one has moved on from its finicky state at the turn of the century when write errors, correction, and a slew of other issues were topical when buying your first CD writer (or even one of them fancy DVD-CD combo units), but still, what do I need to look out for to determine which unit is better built from the mass-market stuff filling the shelves everywhere; or has it pretty much become a non-issue at this stage?