Nerdraging: Is it actually worth it?


In the past few years I have noticed a much larger emphasis on raging against "Betrayals" from certain companies by people in geek orientated cultures (whether it be Games, Films, Tech etc). While a lot of time they may have valid points, though I feel like I am just burnt out by a constant barrage of outrage and an oversaturation of the angry fanraging.

Yes companies do shitty things. Sure, if you scream loud enough they'll will eventually come over and put a bandaid over the wound. Though wouldn't it be more beneficial just to move on, ignore and maintain what maturity that you have left? Making an intellectual opinion is important, though anyone with a gag reflex already knew that Activision was shit.

So, nerdraging: Is it actually worth it?



*I know that this was mostly a statement rather than a question*


Well that's a pretty complex matter. It can be looked at from both views, it can be good or it can be downright stupid. 

One example of the good side of "nerd raging" is that it can actually make a difference and usually it's a change for the better. A recent example of this is the outcry of the Xbox fans. The DRM issue was nerd raging and thankfully Sony listened and canceled all their plans for used game drm. (I'm pretty sure they had some plans looking at their patents although they deny this) this turned nerd raging into a good thing because they weren't complaining about a change in a movie or an ending to a game (ill get to this later) they raged against anti consumer business practices and that's a good thing.

However some of their raging is just plain stupid. I am not a mass effect fan and this may be biased. I think that the amount of rage that was going on about the mass effect ending not being a good ending and the outcry of the fans was a bit over the top. While I agree that it was a sub par ending, the studio did not deserve the flak they got from their fans. The raging and the complaining did bring the winds of change, and was the change really worth it? They did get a new ending which they still complained about. 

In conclusion nerd raging is good but when it's aimed at things that are worthy of being raged at or protested against