Neptun 280l in a custom loop. cpu, gpu, res, another pump,


is it possible to use a neptun 280l cpu pump/block and radiator in a loop with one 120mm rad, 280mm rad and a gpu 290 block, with a reservoar and a extra pump? 

here is a photo of what i am thinking:

Possible, yes, waste of money > completely. Cheaper to just buy off the shelf wc parts for a custom loop. 1 pump, 1 res, 2 rads + tubing & fittings.\

The pump that comes with the 280l is plenty strong enough for another 120 and gpu  block if you wanted to do that.

ok then i will do it and it was not a waste of money got the 280l for under 90usd so i thought i could use just the radiator and the block and pump in another build but found out that maybe this was better.