Nemix ECC UDIMM for Ryzen 3950x

I’m planning a new ryzen build and would like to know the consensus on nemix memory? I hadn’t heard of them until finding these:

It’s exactly what I’m looking for. ECC, 128 gb 4 sticks and 3200+ mhz.

They are no name super low end stuff, it works but that’s about all I would say. My 3200 kit would only do 2666 without doing manual tuning so take the 3200 with a grain of salt.

What are my options then? I cant find ECC udimm even at 2666mhz

They dont have 2933 in stock atm

Thank you!

no problem GL with your build

Any recommendation on top end motherboards that support gpu passthrough well?

What are you goals? There is quite a few people here doing similar things altho I have not personally. I would guess its generally easier on ThreadRipper Tho

Workstation, linux with kvm windows 10, gpu passthrough

With not as much needed you could probably get away with x570 board. Search around on there there is probably a good amount of data on the different boards. Passthrough is quite common and talked about decent on here.

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