Neighbors create own internet service

I come across this article today.

It would be cool to hear Wendels opinion about this on a upcoming episode of the Tek please,

I've thought of something like this. if you live near a tier 1 provider and there's shitty consumer service, spend $2,000 per month for the enterprise shit and split it with 20 people making it $100 per month.

A municipality near mine (which from US standards could be called tiny) rolled out their own fibre to the house infrastructure. Now they rent the line to a small ISP that offers reliable service but just did not have the $$ to dig the trenches by its own. (and the big payers aren’t interested in residences and companies 20km away from a capitol city)

If there was more little startups like this. The big three cable/net providers in the US would take notice that we will not stand to be continually force ###### forever.

There are plenty of instances of this being the case, but it's super small scale. Any time it starts to get bigger, the FCC and big ISP jumps in. Luckily, at least the FCC took themselves out of the equation with the ruling on city power boards being able to govern themselves.

Chattanooga's Electric Power Board has been doing it successfully, but they also had a LOT of private money put into building the infrastructure. Cities are mostly too large(have too much of a footprint to cater to) or too small(not enough public money) to afford the resources themselves without the private sector helping out. Chattanooga was the perfect storm. A moderately sized town with a lot of private money flowing into it(I believe Ted Turner or one of his kids endowed quite a bit into the project, as they do into a lot of stuff in the Chattanooga area).

How a group of neighbors created their own Internet service

Powered by radios in trees, homegrown network serves 50 houses on Orcas Island.

Source: Ars Technica

good. thats how it was supposed to be.

I have already write once about this
just check the map and do the zoom
in this day and age it's basically catalan zone but with worldwide potential

yes it works, but in some Guifi open net once (years ago) I tried it's usually saturated giving you low bandwidth
in the other hand some of they start to run as a real ISP , maybe it will mean improvement in the physic network and service
I was unable to contract Internet connection with them because I had low coverage (in a huge city) lol