Neewer Mic Question?

First of all I have no idea which section to put this in so sorry about that.

Okay the question I have is about the Neewer suspension mic arm (The one that Logan has I believe)

I got it for like 16$ so it's whatever but if you look at his there is a tightener on the metal piece that screws into the mic to help hold up heaver mics. Mine does not have that and I was wondering why and if I can just tighten it with a wrench or something. 

It shows the tightener on the box 

But it isn't on mine

Sorry about the shitty camera quality, that's what happens with the HTC one M7 after being tortured for a year.

The right most bolt in the bottom picture? Just tighten it with a wrench if you can like you thought. I have a lamp in the same style and pretty much the whole things just uses friction to keep from falling down.