Neep advice on new laptop

So I need a new laptop, mostly for coding on the go. I have looked at different lists and stuff but I can't seem to decide. The specs I'm looking for:

13" 1080 screen
Kaby Lake i5
8-16gb ram
Good keyboard&touchpad
Solid build quality
Small form factor
256gb SSD.
Price >700 US dollars

The Hp Envy 13 feels like a perfect match, but the ideal model isn't available here(Sweden). I can buy the 128 Sata SSD model with 1080 screen. Do anyone know if this machine has a NVME port aswell? But it feels stupid when for just 50 more I can get a model with NVME 256gb but 1800 screem. I really don't have any use for that kind of resolution and it will just give me worse performance and battery. Any other suggestions?

This is the optimal device for me but it's not available here:

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Cant go wrong with a newer XPS 13/15 with the infinityedge display. I only hear good things about it.

Yeah they seem very nice, but they go for about 1500 dollars here. A bit to much for me.

most listed here are >$1000

Could check out system76. Don't know if you are linux guy but I believe all their systems are made for linux.

The XPS is certainly a really nice laptop. that being said, I bought a lenovo X1 carbon a few years ago and like most lightweight laptops it does not have an Ethernet port. It looks like this is the case with the XPS as well. I really really regret not having an Ethernet port on my laptop and the Lemur does have one. Just my thoughts is all, take it or leave it.

You can deff get an xps 13 for a good deal with those specs.;245700;269769;4318698;&AS_Search=S%F6k%20h%E4r

You can't look for model numbers. Foreign laptops have different model numbers, so you will never find a true "match". But you can find something with the same specs.

Unfortunately the issue is that prices in sweden are about twice what they are here. Sooooo that will be an issue.

As always, I will also suggest that you look for 2015 13 inch macbook pro laptops. Everyone who sells them are trying to unload them at fairly good prices. I can find them here in the states for 800 bucks.

plenty of xps 13s on ebay like what you want within your price.

Throw linux on it for free or get windows legit or off kingquin or something for cheap

Don't really need a ethernet port on my laptop though :wink:

Yeah well problem is customs and others fees. Importing stuff outside EU gives me taxes and fees of about 25% of the item's value. So If i import a thing for 1000 dollars, I have to pay 1250 dollars. And that is not including shipping, and I won't get any warranty.

Yes that is the machine I want, except It has the quad resolution. 1080 is more then enough on such a tiny screen and I don't want to waste money, performance and battery beacuse of it. :slight_smile:

I just compared the two models at HP store:

They weigh exactly the same, so maybe it's safe to assume that both has a M.2 interface, but the more expensive one has a NVME drive. Should be possible to buy the cheaper one, sell the drive and get a NVME drive. I can't imagine that HP would have different interfaces on these models.

I would also have a look at the lenovo T460 laptop. Its pretty solid and I have seen them for cheap.

guess that just means I am becoming a bit of a curmudgeon lol

A bit to heavy and big for me. Will use the laptop when I'm commuting, which is 2 hours of bus every day. Space is pretty cramped so the device must be small so I can use it comfortably.

I'd personally go for the XPS 13, having owned the 15" version for over a year, the build is top notch and the nVME drive and RAM can be easily swapped out down the road.

Other suggestion would be the Razer Blade Stealth but you need to go to the i7 for 256Gb storage and even used they will likely be a good bit over budget - although the build quality is also superb.

Then I would look at the used market and stick to a macbook then.

The IBM style lenovos and the macbooks are going to be your only sturdy options below 1K. Everything else (including that HP and the dell xps) has a considerable amount of flex to it.