Needing Inspection

I require inspection before ordering my first water cooling stuff to ensure this won't destroy my system. Quick specs of the PC I'm about to build:

i5k going to be OC'd

GTX 780 going to be OC'd

HAF XB chassis

Gigabyte MSI Z87-GD65 Gaming

Now to the meat of my build here, watercooling wise. Again this is my first throw at this after many many years of PC building and such. Input is appreciated.

The majority of it is in this all in one kit:

GPU Cooler:

Extra 120 rad:

Angled brackets I think I may need:

Additional fittings for the additional rad:

Additional notes: Going to do maintenance fills from the 120mm radiator. I like the resevoir/pump option since I'll be mounting (need additional hardware for this?) onto the side of the chassis. I may need additional tools to assist in the accomplishment of this, just let me know.

I also didn't consider a plan for draining, not sure how to implement that.