Needed advice on fydeos /amd laptop

i need some advice on the fydeos release thats for amd laptops / desktops

i see that it states that it can run both linux an apk files an apps (can anyone confirm this)

an supposedly even .exe files an programs (can anyone confirm this too)

do gnome extensions like
dash to dock ,vitals ,just perfection ,and transparent shell work

  1. can i install things like Ubuntu shop or pop os shop for other apps

  2. what are all the compatible sudo commands an tweaks , an is ther a root access command like

  3. what themes are compatible for the linux/android desktop

  4. an can AMD APU Tuning Utility & CtrlCore be installed to fine-tune an control my cpu an gpu

an is ther built in driver support for amd

to cover both my acer aspire 3350u laptop an
my custom ryzen 5600x / powercolor 6700xt build