Need your advice on components

Hey y'all,

a few years back I decided to follow my father's footsteps and build my own computer, and I went to this forum asking for a review of my list of components. Since that computer is now no longer up to snuff, I'm going to build a new one, and I'm looking for an upper tier midrange pc that can last a few years. My list of components so far includes (I took most of the names off of Amazon):

Motherboard: to be compatible with the other parts it has to be ATX or Micro-ATX form
Processor: Intel i7-5280K Extreme Core CPU Processor (3.30 GHz, 15MB Cache, 40W, Socket 2011-V3, 28 lanes PCI Express Generation 3)
RAM: HyperX FURY 16GB (2x8GB) 2133 MHz DDR4 CL14 UDIMM Memory Kit (Skylake Compatible)
Case: Corsair CC-9011078-WW Obsidian Series 750D Airflow Edition Windowed Full Tower ATX High Airflow Performance
Power supply: probably Corsair, thinking a decent amount of power like 500W
HDD/SDD: probably Western Digital and SanDisk
Graphics card: nVidia GTX 1070
Heatsink: max height (due to case) is 170mm

I'll run Windows 7 on it. My budget has some leeway, around 1000 euros max is what I'm aiming for.

I'm mostly concerned about whether my motherboard, processor, graphics card and case are compatible and about what heatsink to get. I currently have a Corsair heatsink.

Looking forward to any and all advice you have!


What have you got right now? It may be a waste of cash to upgrade the entire system.

what sort of usage? what old parts do you have? do you want to overclock or are you ok with a cheap xeon?

Also @Vandal85,

Right now my OS has gone to such shit that I can't even pull up DxDiag and tell you what my specific components were again. I know I have 8GB of DDR3 RAM in there, and an AMD Radeon graphics card (that I intend to re-use for my second monitor, instead of using my motherboard's built-in graphics card capabilities). I'm completely covered on the fans part of things.

The thing is that if I were to upgrade my current rig I'd have to replace the SSD, graphics card, one of the HDD and my RAM. Probably my motherboard as well, since the OS is really really fucked.

I don't want to overclock it. I'm okay with being vanilla. Also thanks for the speedy replies!

i would go with something like this
you can get really cheap 2670's on ebay that have been pulled from servers. i found this one for 280$
some of the 2670's have a bug that keeps vt-d from working correctly which is used in virtualization. this bug was only in the furst 2 gens not the more modern ones. because of this lots of cpus flooded the market making a 12 core server part cheap enough to put in your machine and keep it going for years. it has a 3.1 turbo which you can "oc it to" in the uefi. with a 1070 your machine should sill be viable for 5-10 years before you feel it's age.

also you should wait for aftermarket 1070's with a lower price and better cooling. the founders edition is ridiculously expensive atm.

Thank you very much for that list, the components look exactly like what I want plus those prices are great! How long do you think I should wait for the aftermarket 1070's? And will that case be able to hold an SSD and two/three HDDs? (stupid question I know)
it's just a really solid case that i wish was cheaper. got mine open box for 20$ off.