Need webcam i can access remotely

Nothing fancy. but free

It needs to be free?

Like a usb webcam or an ip camera like a security cam?

If the webcam is plugged into a computer and the viewing device is also a computer on the same network, NDI

I had good luck with Yawcam.

Be very careful with these types of programs. On shitty ISP routers it will poke holes in your firewall and make it available to anyone.

From Yawcam Help page:

How to configure the router

If you are connected to the Internet via a home router you need to forward some ports before your webcam is reachable over the Internet. There are two ways to do this:

Option 1:
Enable UPNP in your router and let Yawcam forward the ports automatically. This option is the easiest and recommended, but only works if your router supports UPNP. Read the more detailed instructions on this instruction page.

Option 2:
Forward the ports manually by changing the settings in your router. You need to forward port 8888 for TCP traffic and port 8081 for TCP and UDP traffic.
Please visit www. portforward. com for more information on how to forward a port. Click on the name of your router and follow the guide.

They really need to put in big red font on top of the page: “WARNING: THIS WILL MAKE YOUR CAMERA STREAM PUBLICLY AVAILABLE”.

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ffmpeg / vlc and nginx with rtmp plugin?

No, no, friends! It’s not like that… OP wants a free device :slight_smile:

one of those cellphones buried at the bottom of the junk drawer might do it

Craigslist or facebook marketplace in the free to good home section?!?!

You can access any camera with a software like AtHome Video Streamer

just click on the link and you will have remote access to the earth cam network which is free.

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Most, if not all, of the security cameras I have used have a built in web interface for firmware updates, settings, etc. plus a live feed screen to see the footage. You should be able to get one cheap. Secure it with a strong password / HTTPS cert and you should be able to get a raw video flow over that interface. Not a “webcam” per se, but will work like one with no further software needed.

If you have a half-decent router / firewall you put the cam in the DMZ range and limit the ports to that camera IP. Would be available remotely, but with minimal impact to security.